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EMF Protection for Cars

PLEASE NOTE:  We are temporarily out of the EMF Harmonizer Car and expect to have it back in stock and ready to ship late next week or early the following. You may order it now and it will ship as soon as it is available. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, this is an unfortunate consequence of the global transportation challenges currently going on that make it difficult for us to get the product here from Europe.

The EMF Harmonizer Car supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your automobile. It works by harmonizing the damaging energetic frequencies emanating from the electronics in your car, as well as from those coming from outside of the car, including 5G cellular technology.

The EMF Harmonizer Car is a small 3 inch x 2.5 inch metallic plate that you place in an area near the driver, such as the console area between the two front seats, on the steering wheel column or dashboard, or under the driver’s seat (facing up). You may remove the tape on the back and use the adhesive to stick it to a surface, but that is optional. We also offer an accessory to hold the Harmonizer that inserts into an air vent on the car's dashboard, which is available here.

For an electric or hybrid car, it is recommended that you install a second unit in the back area of the vehicle.

Installation Instructions & FAQ's

  • Please click here to view the instructions and frequently asked questions for the EMF Harmonizer Car.

Optional Air Vent Holder

To purchase the optional air vent holder for the EMF Harmonizer Car, please visit this page.

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