Memonizer COMBI EMF Protection for Whole House


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PLEASE NOTE:  The Memon COMBI has been replaced by the EMF Harmonizer Home & Office, which can be found here.

The memonizerCOMBI is the powerful EMF protection solution for homes, apartments, offices, and commercial premises. The COMBI uses the electricity circuit to build up a harmonic field in the premises, offering protection from the negative influences of EMF radiation and geopathic stress. All people (and pets) within the field will be protected from the damaging effects of all forms of electromagnetic frequencies, including those that emanate from outside the field (like a neighbor's wi-fi system, electricity meter, etc.).

The memonizer COMBI also reduces the amount of concentrated, fine and ultra-fine particles in room air and therefore the fine particulate dust that you breathe in and that penetrates deep into the lungs. This is accomplished by creating positive and negative ions, restoring them to the level and ratio found in a natural outdoor environment. This in turn causes the fine particles to clump together, and as they form larger clusters they become heavier and sink more rapidly to the floor.

Simply plug the COMBI into any outlet (the version offered here has a two prong plug for U.S. style outlets). The only electricity used is to power the small LED light which indicates that it is working. The COMBI circulates using the wiring in the electricity circuit in the building, so the appropriate size is based on the area covered by the circuit (usually the area covered by the fuse box). This would include a garage or basement if they are on the circuit.

The memonizerCOMBI is available in the following sizes:

  • Small: up to 1,100 square feet
  • Medium: up to 2,200 square feet
  • Large: up to 3,800 square feet
  • Extra Large: up to 5,400 square feet

If you have a wi-fi router it is recommended that you purchase the memonizerWLAN as a complement to the COMBI. The newer router technology has become more powerful and emits more EMF's than earlier versions, so the extra protection is a good idea.


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