Memon Body Sport EMF Protection Wrist Band Bracelet

memonizerBODY sport

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PLEASE NOTE:  The BODY Sport has been replaced by the EMF Harmonizer Mobility, which can be found here.

The memonizerBODY sport will help protect you from negative environmental influences when you are on the go. Both EMF radiation and geopathic interference can affect your health, and the memonizerBODY sport is scientifically designed to strengthen and support you against the stress of these negative influences.

The sport version of the memonizer BODY has the same "power" or effectiveness as the standard BODY, but it is lighter weight and designed for active use in sports, outdoors, water, etc. The standard BODY has a silicon rubber band with a metal clasp and so is more substantial and formal, whereas the BODY sport is made of all hard plastic and is more casual, somewhat similar in style and construction to the holograph energy bands you may have seen in the past.

It is available in small/medium (15-21 cm circumference, appropriate for most adults) and medium/large (20-25 cm circumference, appropriate for adults with larger wrists). The band fit can be adjusted and if necessary some can be trimmed off the end and the excess tucked into the slots to fit as desired.

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