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About Us

Life Harmony Energies is an authorized U.S. distributor of memon Bionic Instruments through its website memon is the leading technology solution from Germany that helps protect you from the rampant electromagnetic pollution that you are exposed to in your daily life. Unfortunately it is not possible to escape from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone, car, and wireless devices, but with memon it is possible to minimize the harmful effects.

Since 2002 memon has been offering advanced technology EMF protection devices based on the pioneering research of Winfried M. Dochow, and today is one of the leading European companies in the field. You will find solutions for your cell phone, car, wireless devices, and home or business.

Life Harmony Energies is a passionate team dedicated to exploring the frontiers of a holistic approach to a more balanced, healthy life. Located in Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, we live the natural lifestyle every day. We have been researching, using, and selling energy harmonizing products for over ten years.