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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service Information

Are the products in stock and ready to ship?  Most products are in stock in our warehouse in the United States and ship in one to two days. If a product is not in stock, we will order it from Germany and it will take one to two weeks to arrive.

What are the charges for shipping and tax?  Shipping is included in the price, so there is no additional cost. Tax is only charged in the state of Colorado.

What is the return policy?  You may return new, unused products in original condition within 30 days of receipt. If the product is damaged or the packaging is missing or damaged, a refund will not be issued. Please hold on to the packaging and do not damage the product if you are unsure whether you will keep it.

Product Information

Can I move a product from one device or location to another?  Yes, products for devices like your cell phone (MOBILE), laptop or iPad (WIRELESS), and automobile (CAR) may be used on a new device if you change - but not shared between devices on a daily basis. The COMBI may be moved to a new home, apartment, or office if you move. Do not remove and reinstall the COMBI or the CAR once it is in place unless you must, for it will take some time to rebuild the protective field.

How long will the products last?  All products other than the BODY will last for approximately 20 years, and the BODY will last for approximately 4 years.

If I have a BODY bracelet do I still need the other products?  The BODY is not designed to replace the other devices and works somewhat differently. It is designed to support your body against EMF influences, while the other products cancel out (harmonize) the damaging electromagnetic frequencies. In the case of the COMBI and CAR a field is created where all EMF's are harmonized, and in the case of the the MOBILE, WIRELESS, and WORKSTATION the EMF's from the specific device to which it is attached are harmonized.

Which products should I start with?  This depends on your lifestyle and where / how you spend your time. Since we all spend a significant amount of time at home, we always recommend the COMBI. If you use and/or carry your cell phone frequently, then the MOBILE is recommended. If you spend a significant amount of time in your car, the CAR is a good idea. If you use a laptop, iPad, or Bluetooth device regularly then you should have a WIRELESS for each of them. If you travel or spend a significant amount of time outside your home then the BODY is an ideal solution.

Can I use a COMBI at my office?  The COMBI works on a individual electric circuit, so if you have a small office (up to 5,400 square feet) that is all on one circuit (usually indicated by a dedicated fuse box), then the COMBI will work. Otherwise you may use the WORKSTATION and plug your EMF emitting devices directly into it. A custom COMBI can be created for a large office, hotel, shop or other commercial location greater than 5,400 square feet, please contact us for more information.

How does the memon technology work?  In short, the memon technology is an information technology that is designed to harmonize and neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress zones. When the memonizers' field of activity comes into contact with a carrier, such as water or power, the memonizer transmits its imprinted information thereby neutralizing harmful effects. Please see our Background page for more information about the memon technology.

What are the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's)?  Please see the Why page for information on the negative health effects of electromagnetic frequencies.