EMF Harmony Affiliate Referral and Wholesale Program

Wholesale & Affiliate Accounts

Healthcare Practitioners

If you are a healthcare practitioner with a tax resale license, we offer a generous wholesale reseller program that allows you to offer EMF Harmony products to your patients. We provide brochures for your office, online training and responsive support via email and phone. Please email us at service@emf-harmony.com for details.

If you are a holistic health practitioner of any sort without a tax resale license, you may join our affiliate referral program, described below.

Affiliate Referral Program

If you have a following on social media, have a content website, or are a healthcare practitioner with remote patients, our affiliate referral program is for you. We offer generous referral commissions and you may refer people through links to our website and by offering them a unique discount code tied to you. We have a convenient affiliate portal where you can track your sales and find tools to support your efforts.

For details please contact us at service@emf-harmony.com and describe your situation and how you plan to refer customers. Please note that we do not offer referral commissions on your own orders, and you must generate a minimum of two orders per quarter to quality for commission payout, so please only contact us if you are serious about participating in the program.