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How EMF Harmony Technology Works

EMF Harmony products are based on a bio-energetic approach to health developed in Europe and feature a unique dual-level technology that offers greater protection from EMF radiation than other devices on the market. The first level of action is a Direct Technology that harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies of the electromagnetic radiation. The second level of action is an Adaptive Technology that supports the cells in your body as they are stressed by the radiation, bringing their energy to an optimal level for good health. The technology operates at the sub-atomic level, so it does not block or alter the EMF’s, allowing your electronic devices to operate normally.

Quantum Mechanics and Energy

The science of quantum mechanics has discovered that there is a “field” of energy at the sub-atomic level – in other words at a level even smaller than atoms, which are generally the smallest particles that are physically measurable. Atoms emerge from and dissolve into this quantum energy field - and all matter is made of atoms, including of course our bodies. Thus, it has been discovered that our health can be directly influenced by activity in this field.

Since the activity in this sub-atomic field is not easily measurable, manipulating it is very much an emerging science – and somewhat controversial in the realm of conventional physics. There are a number of scientists who have been researching this new realm of physics since the advent of quantum theory in the early 19th century, and a group of them have been specifically focused on its interaction with the human body. Many of the leading researchers in sub-atomic energy and human health have been or are based in Germany, Austria, and Russia. The technology behind the EMF Harmony products is largely based on their work. Examples of the scientists and researchers whose work has contributed to the EMF Harmony technology include Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, Hartmut Mueller, Prof. Albert Fritz Popp, and Dr. Noemi Kempe – to name just a few.

Vibrational Energy – EMF Harmony Direct Technology

Everything living vibrates at a very specific frequency. Every cell in our body has an individual vibrational pattern. The atoms that make up our cells, which are constantly in motion, create morphic fields through which everything in our body is connected. These fields encompass the physical and psychological components reflected in all living things.

EMF Harmony products create vibrational frequencies at the sub-atomic level from energetic information that is stored within them. This information develops a resonance with the energetic information in the surrounding area to influence other vibrational frequencies in the environment. The Direct Technology in the EMF Harmony products creates specific frequencies that harmonize the negative frequencies from electromagnetic radiation. The result is the creation of a neutral and harmonious energy field that supports you as you work, play, sleep, and live in it.

Energy and Our Cells – Adaptive Technology

Very narrow micro-currents (with approx. 60-70 microamps) flow through our bodies along organized paths and ensure our well-being. Injuries, various illnesses, as well as EMF radiation, disturb or interrupt this energy flow and lower the voltage in our cells. “Non-health" is thus often caused by disturbances at the cellular level that result in a lack of energy in our cells.

Biophotons are the smallest measurable light energy particles in living organisms, and they play a central role in optimizing the voltage of our cells. The Adaptive Technology in EMF Harmony products contains information that supplies photons to your cells, which in turn increases their voltage to a more optimal level for good health, further protecting you from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Measuring the Effects

Since the activity of the EMF Harmony products functions at the sub-atomic level, it is not possible to physically measure it with standard scientific instruments. It is possible, however, to measure the biological effects created by their use. One example of this is a heart rate variability (HRV) test using a system called Nilas MV. HRV is the measure of the change in time intervals between two consecutive heart beats. With the help of an HRV test we can measure stress, cellular regeneration, and cell age.

The image below represents the difference in HRV in a person before (left graph) and after (right graph) using the EMF Harmony technology. It demonstrates that the energy reserves in this person have increased within 5 minutes from 225 to 404.

HRV Heart Rate Variability Test


Energy reserves:

  • Value below 150: reduced energy balance, thus increased demand for vital substances.
  • Value between 150 and 600: The higher the value, the more stable the immune system and the higher the cell protection against free radicals.
Energetic equilibrium:
  • Provides information about the anabolic (blue) and catabolic process (red).
  • The closer the value is to 1.0, the more balanced the subject.

You can find a full HRV test on the EMF Harmony technology here.

Is This Science?

As mentioned earlier, the science behind quantum mechanics is emerging and controversial. In particular, the inability to directly measure the activity in the sub-atomic field leads many scientists to question its validity. The reality is that the activity of this field and its energetic effects on the human body have been recognized and used for thousands of years.

An example of this is acupuncture, which is now generally recognized as an effective health treatment and covered by most insurance plans. Acupuncture is an ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to correct energy imbalances in the body by directing energy flow through meridian pathways in the body. Electromagnetic activity associated with this energy flow and the meridian points can be measured, but where the energy comes from and what the meridians it flows through actually are is still unknown to Western medicine – because it happens at the sub-atomic level.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine this sub-atomic energy is called Chi (or Qi), and in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine it is called Prana. It is energy based on vibrational frequencies like all other energy, and it has measurable effects on human health that Chinese and Indian doctors have been effectively manipulating for centuries. This is the energy that the EMF Harmony technology acts within and upon.

The technology underlying the EMF Harmony products leverages the scientific research of the scientists mentioned earlier to create and store energetic information within the products. This information is subsequently released into the energy field of the environment into which the product comes into contact – be it the wiring of a building (Harmonizer Home & Office) or automobile (Harmonizer Car), a cell phone or other electronic device (Harmonizer), or a human body (Mobility). The information in turn creates the dual-level effects with the Direct Technology and Adaptive Technology outlined above by altering the vibrational frequencies of the energy field within its targeted environment.

You Can Use Your Electronic Devices

Computers, cell phones, wi-fi routers, and other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation are a part of our lives today. For most of us, we cannot survive without them. Since EMF Harmony technology operates at the sub-atomic level, it does not impact the physically measurable electromagnetic frequencies of the electronic devices you use. The electromagnetic frequencies are not blocked or altered, therefore they continue to work normally. We always recommend that you minimize your exposure to electromagnetic radiation as much as possible, but it is clearly not possible to eliminate it completely in our modern world. With EMF Harmony products you can continue to live with the electronic devices that you rely upon, but still protect the health of your body.

European Technology and Quality

As mentioned above, the technology behind EMF Harmony products was developed in Europe, where the science behind the bio-energetic approach to health originated. The EMF Harmony products themselves are also designed and made in Europe in a facility that has been making bio-energetic products for decades. They are of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and the technology is applied in a workshop, not a factory.

Try This at Home

A simple way to demonstrate the energetic effect of an EMF Harmony product is the lemon juice test. If you taste lemon juice that has been exposed to an EMF Harmony product you should notice less bitterness and acidity since its energy has been harmonized. Here is how to do the test:

  1. Choose two identical glasses and place them at least two feet from each other.
  2. Place one of the glasses on your EMF Harmonizer, Harmonizer+, Home & Office, or Car, or wrap your EMF Harmonizer Mobility or Mobility+ wrist band around the bottom of one of the glasses.
  3. Fill the two glasses with the same amount of undiluted natural lemon juice.
  4. Wait at least one minute, and then taste the difference!