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EMF Harmonizer Home & Office

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office


The EMF Harmonizer Home & Office supports your health and well-being as you are exposed to the ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation in today’s home and workplace environments. It works for EMF’s emanating from within your home or workplace as well as those emanating from outside of it (including from geopathic stress). In addition, it creates a healthier environment by generating a natural balance of positive and negative ions, helping to remove unhealthy fine particulate matter from the air.

The Home & Office product family consists of two products:

  1. Home & Office Kit – Designed to provide protection for a space up to 1,500 square feet, the Kit consists of one large metal sticker (3 inch x 2.5 inch) and four smaller ones (2.25 inch x .5 inch). The large sticker is placed on the inside of your fuse box door, and the small stickers are placed on different outlets within the space to be covered. To cover more than 1,500 square feet you will need an additional small sticker, the Home & Office Single, for each additional 375 square feet to be covered.
  2. Home & Office Single – The Single is one small sticker (2.25 inch x .5 inch) that is used to supplement the Home & Office Kit by adding an additional 375 square feet of coverage. In addition, if you don’t have access to the fuse box (for example in a workplace) you may still use multiple Singles to create a protected area. In this case you will purchase four Singles to cover a space up to 1,000 square feet, and then additional Singles for each additional 375 square feet to be covered.

The Home & Office creates a protected area within which the energy of the electromagnetic radiation is harmonized to help support your body against its negative health consequences. If you have access to the fuse box, you should purchase the Home & Office Kit and additional Singles as needed for appropriate coverage (this is the preferred approach). If you do not have access to the fuse box, then you would purchase only Singles to cover the appropriate area. Please see the FAQ’s and Instructions link below for details on configuring your installation according to your circumstances.

The Home & Office utilizes EMF Harmony’s exclusive dual-level technology to support your health against the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation. The first level of action is a Direct Technology that harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies of the electromagnetic radiation. The second level of action is an Adaptive Technology that supports your body as it is stressed by the radiation.

The EMF Harmony technology operates at the sub-atomic level, so it does not block or alter the EMF’s, allowing your electronic devices to operate normally. It is designed to support your health against the negative effects of 5G technology, as well as older cell phone technology, WiFi routers, smart meters, wireless appliances, and even EMF’s from conventional electric power. It works on EMF’s coming from outside the protected space as well, such as your neighbors’ WiFi routers or nearby power lines.

For more information and installation instructions, please view the FAQ’s & Instructions here.

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